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They will be engineers

As a child, in the absence of my parents, I took apart most of the household appliances; TV, telephone, iron, virtually all cabinets, fridge. The challenge was to put them back together so that they work properly.

Therefore, in the Słoneczna Polana kindergarten near Warsaw, I was answering about what a refrigeration engineer does and the phenomenon of low temperatures.

We used liquid nitrogen to freeze vegetables and flowers. I talked about room temperature, temperature in the refrigerator, about the temperature of ice cream and liquid nitrogen; -196C!

I know from the faces that the kids had a great time. My goal, however, was that some of them in 10 or 15 years, when choosing their studies and careers in life, will consider the direction of HVAC. On the career of a refrigeration technician, engineer.

Maurycy Szwajkajzer

Energy optimization of F-gas refrigeration


Every year, we perform several dozen audits of refrigeration installations. Industrial or shop.

A typical report has from a dozen to several dozen pages.

We list technical and operational faults, and sometimes also design faults.

However, as electricity becomes more expensive, energy analysis becomes more and more important.

A simple solution is to indicate the need to replace the installation with one working on CO2. Sometimes, however, it is not possible for financial, organizational, technical or fiscal reasons.

As a result of our analyses, it turns out that nearly all F-gas installations have a large potential for energy savings.

We are able to save usually between 8 and even 25% of energy by working only on the operating parameters of the installation.

Above, an example of the measurements of the MT (plus) installation, thanks to which we are able to improve its operating parameters saving nearly 17% of electricity without worsening the storage conditions of the goods.

Below is a graph of energy consumption for the same installation before and after our visit.

The difference is clear and it is worth PLN 21,000 per year for this client.

This result was achieved without closing the doors of the plus furniture – which leaves further significant potential for savings.

Disturbed Supply Chains – MS at the CH&K conference

As engineers, technology is most important to us;

New compressors, highest energy efficiency, new control systems.

However, while maintaining great respect for technological development, we believe that the most important thing at the moment is the availability of the above-mentioned devices, or rather the lack of it.

That is why our CEO – Maurycy Szwajkajzer decided to raise this topic during the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Journals conference, which took place on October 28, 2021 at the Warsaw O3 hotel.

SZE is a distributor of Digitel in Poland

SZE becomes a Polish distributor of controllers from the Swiss company DIGITEL.

The DIGITEL company provides complete control systems for the refrigeration industry, including accompanying elements.

In our offer you can find:

  • Room/furniture controllers for electronic/step or thermostatic valves in rail or panel versions
  • Compressor and condenser controllers for individual devices and assemblies
  • Controllers with the innovative INTERACT system that detects and locates faults before they occur
  • Control systems supporting energy optimization through the use of artificial intelligence
  • Drivers for traditional F-gases and transcritical systems on r744
  • Central units in many configurations
  • A very innovative and intuitive TELESWIN central supervision system for a computer and telephone
  • CO2 detection system with the possibility of connection to the central system and warning boards and sirens
  • Brightness sensors
  • And all the necessary accessories such as temperature probes, pressure probes, etc.

We are developing and will continue to develop cooperation with installation companies in order to provide the market with the best product available immediately.

The service warehouse located in Poland will provide our customers with immediate availability of spare parts, and the central warehouse in Switzerland will ensure the devices within 2 weeks.

Each installer will receive a login and password for his own Customer Zone, where he will find all the necessary commercial and technical information.

We look forward to successful cooperation

The SZE and DIGITEL team