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9 May 2023
Autor: Administrator
SZE at Plastpol 2023

  Refrigeration is an inseparable part of the production of polymer elements. That is why we will be at the Plastpol 2023 fair and we warmly invite you to our stand. Date: May 23-26, 2023 Where: Targi Kielce ul. Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce Stand: D-88 We will be with the offer of CO2 chillers, which […]

21 April 2023
Autor: Weronika Macieja
Data centre cooling – efficient and ecological

  All the electricity used by the servers must eventually go through the cooling system – these are the laws of physics. So if you want to get the lowest possible energy consumption and thus low PUE, like for example Google – you will have to make an effort. But the technology is available and […]

16 April 2023
Autor: Weronika Macieja
HOW TO – efficient and effective process cooling

  38% energy – this is how much you can easily save by using a well-chosen cooling technology.   For a 250 kW chiller, this translates to 159,000 kWh of energy saved per year. At SZE, we design and build effective – i.e. optimally working and efficient – that is, using very little energy cooling […]

6 September 2022
Autor: Administrator
Winter is comming! – a column for Ch & K Magazine

  Heat production panic – here it is, or should I wait until October to announce it? Regardless of the answer to this question, I know that many entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industries look towards winter at least with concern. In this column, I will try very briefly to mention the refrigeration technologies that can […]

2 August 2022
Autor: Administrator
Column for Ch & K Magazine: “Time for evaluation”

  When I look back, I can see that most of the columns in our department have been devoted to new technologies – all new products that appear successively in our industry “menu”. So now it’s time for a flashback. R744 refrigeration does not exist today and some technical solutions, acceptable in the past, should […]

12 May 2022
Autor: Administrator
The era of CO2 refrigeration is coming – interview for Plast Echo

  The newest issue of the Plast Echo magazine has already been released from printing presses, including an interview with Maurycy Szwajkajzer on energy-efficient cooling. Full text below. In the processing industry, cold is not the most important thing, but without it most plastic products will not be created. That is why we decided to […]

15 February 2022
Autor: Administrator
Column for Ch & K – Energy-efficient refrigeration or – NOTHING?

  There are nuclear power plants in France, transmission is limited in Scandinavia, there is little wind in the Atlantic, Germany is short of gas, and Poland is short of coal. Energy market analysts have been predicting the current situation for at least several years. We are talking about electricity shortages and the resulting astronomical […]

18 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
Food logistics – too much energy bills? Optimization of F-gas systems

Listen to the content. It is natural that in the case of the construction of a new facility, the Investor, the Client and the designer are working on an open card that can be filled in with any refrigeration installation. Most refrigeration installations, however, are not new and were created at a time when r744 […]

18 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
Food logistics – too much energy bills? Designing new facilities – what technology is optimal?

Listen to the whole thing below. In previous columns, I wrote about the general principles of designing refrigeration installations in logistics centers and about the optimization potential of existing F-gas installations. As a refrigeration engineer, I am fortunate to work during the greatest technological change in refrigeration since the end of World War II. One […]

17 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
Food logistics – too much energy bills?

Listen to the content below. One of the business areas in which there is still great development potential in Poland is food logistics. A part of this area are logistics centers with cold rooms and freezers, often with an area of ​​many thousands of m2. These facilities are equipped with cooling devices, the energy consumption […]