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2 August 2022
Column for Ch & K Magazine: “Time for evaluation”


When I look back, I can see that most of the columns in our department have been devoted to new technologies – all new products that appear successively in our industry “menu”. So now it’s time for a flashback. R744 refrigeration does not exist today and some technical solutions, acceptable in the past, should not be used anymore, there are also some that should never have appeared in our “menu”.

The first to be forgotten is the cascade cooling systems (F-gas “up”, CO2 “down”). These systems are neither stable nor energy efficient – especially when made in accordance with the regulations, i.e. with glycol. Due to their complexity, they are also not particularly cheap.

Another item that you kindly want to remove from the “menu” are chillers without a parallel compressor. In the real weather conditions prevailing in Poland in recent years, the lack of a parallel compressor destroys the energy saving potential of the transcritical CO2 system. Meanwhile, the investment in an additional compressor is not a significant expense on the scale of the entire refrigeration system. Building an installation using this type of “economical” technology in 2022 is, in my opinion, something far irrational. The only situation where no parallel compressor can be considered at all is when a system is created with a cooling capacity of less than 50 kW.

Another point: Gas coolers and DT calculations above 3 K – here we should also change our approach. Increasing DT is a method to reduce the size and price of the device. So, at the end of a tender, it is difficult not to be tempted to lower your bid in this way. Especially when we are concerned that the competition will do just that. However, it is acting to the detriment of the customer, and during the warranty period – also on its own.

I should also add to this list: gas coolers without EC fans, gas coolers counted “wet”, too low pressure standards of some elements of the installation, heating the freezer floor with electricity.

Dear colleagues! Let’s make an agreement that we put these monuments of technology back in the museum and do not play with each other with such tricks. It will be good for the customer, for the market and for us.

Maurycy Szwajkajzer

for the Chłodnictwo i Klimatyzacja magazine