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25 August 2021
Commandments for the time of Tsunami – new issue of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

The most important topic in R744 refrigeration this month, month and maybe even year – is disturbed, interrupted and unregulated supply chains.

According to Accenture statistics, 94% of companies feel this phenomenon, of which 75% have already suffered from it, and as many as 54% have lowered their growth forecasts as a result of the period. So it can be spoiled that interrupted supply chains are like tsunamis that come after the fall of the earth and should not be underestimated.

In preparation for this column, I read the MIT articles whose results from logistics provide this situation around the middle of last year. Now, however, the most important thing is to know what it’s like.

Of course, there is no miracle cure, but there are actions that will definitely help:

  • Know your supply chain. that you derive from who is the supplier, but also who is the supplier of your supplier, etc. You should know not only what companies they are, but above all – where the components are present. it’s probably a cliché, but it’s usually not a billing address. Constantly monitor performance at suppliers. This knowledge will allow you to help with problems and prevent them.
  • Anticipate your customers’ needs. Optimize delivery before the customer orders.
  • Create inventory, especially those that are a component of many products.
  • Avoid reducing quality or completeness. Be careful which customers you deliver to. A way to search for situations where availability will be more important than price.
  • If you are a customer yourself – support your external suppliers. Order with a partner, help with problems, be understanding if a temporary or partial shortage is able to compensate.

To this list should be added: “do your thing”, and “plan for a good time”, but now use the Readers to send part of this section.


Enjoy reading.