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21 April 2023
Data centre cooling – efficient and ecological


All the electricity used by the servers must eventually go through the cooling system – these are the laws of physics.

So if you want to get the lowest possible energy consumption and thus low PUE, like for example Google – you will have to make an effort. But the technology is available and proven.

Contractors of datacentre cooling systems have a very well-developed air flow – hot/cold aisles, etc. – it is needed for the electronics to have optimal working conditions.

Unfortunately, however, the technology of cold production itself – i.e. chillers / refrigeration units is too often technologically in the 60s of the last century and maybe even in the 40s! I write this consciously.

In a small server room with a total required cooling capacity of 250 kW, the difference in energy consumption can vary between 455,000 kWh/year and 47,000 kWh/year – a nearly 9-fold difference!


In terms of CO2 emissions, the situation is similar. Also pay attention to the amount of heat to be recovered. There is so much of it that the described datacentre can easily heat over 50 single-family houses. Without effective cooling, there are no economic and ecological server rooms – no way!