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1 December 2021
December “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”

About CO2 refrigeration, but also about news and the future.

At the time when this department was created, the r744 technology was the most modern commercially available refrigeration solution. Therefore, I also think of it as an activity with the most interesting, state-of-the-art refrigeration technologies. About what lies ahead. That’s why this month I decided to take a look at the refrigeration eco-technologies of the future.

First, r718 – water. Chillers operating on water in the theoretically traditional closed circuit with evaporation and condensation are already available. The devices are offered in power up to 120 kW at temperatures from 10 to 28C. An interesting fact is that during start-up, the device can be filled with ordinary water from the network. The heart of the system is a rotary compressor, similar to a turbocharger in a car, with a maximum speed of up to 88,000 per minute! Considering the temperatures achieved, I can see the use of these chillers in server rooms, polymer production and all applications, let’s call it high temperature, where energy efficiency is important.

Second, Absorption. This technology should probably be listed first by me. Probably not necessary, but I will explain – we are talking about turning heat into cold. Of course, the great potential for this technology comes with cogeneration, thanks to which a stable source of heat with appropriate parameters is obtained. The second application – currently, unfortunately, still in the sphere of theory – can be obtaining cold, the source of which could be the municipal heating network. Unfortunately, in the summer, operators reduce heat parameters below the minimum values ​​that could be used by absorption technology.

Third… technology developed at MIT, yet unnamed. We are talking about a material that prevents heating the interior of a room or chamber, and at the same time has the ability to transmit heat only in one direction – to the outside. This solution allows you to effectively cool the interior by about 13C. We look forward to combining this new coating with airgel insulating material.


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Maurycy Szwajkajzer