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14 November 2021
Energy optimization of F-gas refrigeration


Every year, we perform several dozen audits of refrigeration installations. Industrial or shop.

A typical report has from a dozen to several dozen pages.

We list technical and operational faults, and sometimes also design faults.

However, as electricity becomes more expensive, energy analysis becomes more and more important.

A simple solution is to indicate the need to replace the installation with one working on CO2. Sometimes, however, it is not possible for financial, organizational, technical or fiscal reasons.

As a result of our analyses, it turns out that nearly all F-gas installations have a large potential for energy savings.

We are able to save usually between 8 and even 25% of energy by working only on the operating parameters of the installation.

Above, an example of the measurements of the MT (plus) installation, thanks to which we are able to improve its operating parameters saving nearly 17% of electricity without worsening the storage conditions of the goods.

Below is a graph of energy consumption for the same installation before and after our visit.

The difference is clear and it is worth PLN 21,000 per year for this client.

This result was achieved without closing the doors of the plus furniture – which leaves further significant potential for savings.