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17 January 2022
Food logistics – too much energy bills?

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One of the business areas in which there is still great development potential in Poland is food logistics. A part of this area are logistics centers with cold rooms and freezers, often with an area of ​​many thousands of m2. These facilities are equipped with cooling devices, the energy consumption of which is often close to 80% of the energy consumption of the entire facility. Such a large share in the electricity bill means that the financial result of the entire project depends on the energy efficiency of the cold.

The topic of cold in logistics is very broad, so I will divide it into many parts, in which I will write about, among others:

  • General principles of designing refrigeration systems in logistics
  • Existing facilities on F-gases – does the old technology have to consume a lot of energy?
  • Designing new facilities – what technology is optimal?
  • Future trends that need to be implemented today

The following content is a summary of my experience gathered during the implementation of many projects in many European countries, both for corporate and individual clients.

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