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Cooling for Industry and Logistics

Matched power, safety, innovation and minimal energy consumption

Construction of a cooling system

In industry or logistics, much more is required of refrigeration system than just maintaining the right temperature. The refrigeration system must first of all be individually designed and adjusted. Tailored to the specific current requirements of a given plant, but often also to the future plans of our client.

The construction of a cooling installation requires a careful, clear and detailed offer, thanks to which the Customer can be sure that he will receive what he needs in the highest quality.

We can deliver this quality thanks to our installation teams. Fitters, welders, electricians and refrigeration technicians. Their experience allows us to implement even the largest cooling installations that will be easy and cheap to maintain and trouble-free.

The construction of cooling installations also means the highest quality components, a well-thought-out design and experience that allows the implementation of both new facilities and reconstruction of the existing ones.

We build complete refrigeration installations for:

  •     National and local logistics

  •     Food and agricultural industry

  •     Pharmaceutical industry

  •     Polymer and automotive industry

  •     And many others


Semi-flooded and flooded CO2 refrigeration systems


Semi-flooded and flooded CO2 refrigeration systems. This type of architecture is used in freezing or chillers. The use of the tank in the key place of the system at the same time ensures high reliability and the highest possible energy efficiency today. Flooded systems are particularly popular in deep freezing in the food industry.

DX booster CO2 refrigeration units


It is the most popular architecture of CO2 refrigeration systems today. The macines we supply have the highest pressure standards, which prevent leakage of the medium even in the event of a power outage.

Chillers working with CO2


Sometimes called liquid coolers. We deliver devices with powers from 5 kW to many MW. Due to the use of CO2 as a refrigerant, very high efficiencies are possible. The compact design of the chiller allows you to avoid complicated welding works on site.

Heat Pumps working with CO2


We deliver heat pumps with powers from 10 kW to many MW. CO2 heat pumps can deliver water (or other medium) at a temperature even above 90 ° C, while maintaining very high efficiency, also at low outdoor temperatures. We use waste heat, outdoor air or ground heat exchangers as the lower heat source.

Heat recovery


We recover heat from cooling installations, air compressors or other sources, including process sources. We use heat exchangers from many manufacturers, and we also design our own, tailored to particularly demanding projects.

Control and communication systems and integration into BMS systems


The control systems we use have two tasks; precisely regulate the operation of the cooling system and communicate clearly to the customer the operating status and possible emergency situations. For this purpose, we use drivers from leading manufacturers and we program our own on a variety of platforms.