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porównanie zużycia energii

Energy saving

Real reduction in operating costs

Our goal is an industry in which energy is used optimally and many times. Thanks to this, our clients will obtain real financial savings.

Electricity powers the chiller which cools the glycol. The heat from the chiller is recovered and its parameter increased thanks to the most modern heat pumps.

Waste heat from cogeneration drives absorption chillers. Heat from datacenters heats municipal networks.

These and endlessly more ideas are implemented all over the world, but which of them should be applied in your plant depends on individual calculations. For the client, we examine the technical feasibility, perform a financial analysis including investment costs, operating costs, payback time, risk analysis and final and build energy saving systems.

We have many years of experience, which consists of hundreds or even thousands of energy analyzes of various systems. The solutions we offer are innovative, but also real.

We use the most modern calculation tools.

We offer the following services as part of ENERGY SAVING

  • Low, medium and high temperature heat pumps

  • Energy optimization of heat exchange processes

  • Energy optimization of existing cooling systems

  • Energy audits

  • Chillers, including absorption devices


Energy optimization of existing cooling systems

Not everyone knows, but the overwhelming majority of refrigeration systems have very unfavorable operating parameters. For the client, we perform an audit and our own very precise measurements in time. Based on this, we are able to achieve energy savings of even more than 20% – in already existing cooling systems.

Heat recovery

These devices, using waste heat, produce cold. Top-class devices have a wide range of power adjustment and do not require periodic bed replacement.

Heat Pumps working with CO2

We deliver heat pumps with powers from 10 kW to many MW. CO2 heat pumps can deliver water (or other medium) at a temperature even above 90 ° C, while maintaining very high efficiency, also at low outdoor temperatures. We use waste heat, outdoor air or ground heat exchangers as the lower heat source.


Saving energy goes hand in hand with reducing your carbon footprint. The energy saved means less CO2 emissions from the power plant. We prepare and implement emission reduction plans for our clients.