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Engineering services

Audit, design, consulting, new product development and much more

We are the leader of the Polish consulting market.

This work is particularly demanding of those who carry it out.

First of all, you need to be a very good engineer with a team of specialists in many sub-industries and components.

Secondly, it is necessary to know how to implement investments of various scales and in various organizational and financial systems.

Although the technique remains unchanged, the system is implemented differently where there is complete documentation such as „tender” or „design and build”.

In each case, we source from our own experience, that of our teams, but also our clients.

Our portfolio includes projects in many countries around the world, incredibly interesting development projects that can be safely described as „we did it first” and technological standards for very large projects.

We also advise on how to navigate the changing legal regulations.

We offer the following refrigeration services:

  •     Audit

  •     Acceptance of installations on behalf of the client

  •     Project management

  •     Executive, as-built and UDT documentation

  •     Engineering supervision

  •     Strategy development and market research


Design of cooling installations


Based on the client’s requirements, we design complete refrigeration installations in both the conceptual and executive standards.

Tender guidelines

In each tender, the comparability of offers is of key importance. Properly prepared tender forms give the purchasing department the opportunity to optimally negotiate the terms of the purchased devices or services.

Standards for specific facilities and networks of facilities (e.g. shops)


Standardization is a strategic requirement when the customer has a large number of cooling installations. This simplifies their operation, reduces costs and allows you to focus on the main activity of the enterprise.

R&D of equipment containing refrigeration elements (parcel lockers, ice cream machines, etc.)


Machines for the food industry or trade usually contain a refrigeration part. For the development of new devices, we become part of the client’s project teams or independently design the designated ranges.

Conducting construction sites


Correctly planned construction allows for the best quality of implementation within the required deadlines and in compliance with formal requirements

Investor supervision


Standing next to the client, we look after his interests and make sure that the implementation meets his standards. We make sure that the works are carried out at the highest level even before acceptance.

Development of strategies (technical and market) related to refrigeration


We have extensive market knowledge resulting from many years of work in the refrigeration industry. Not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe. We help to define the features of the product that are valuable for the market and the way of entering the sale. Using our recognition, social network tools as well as close cooperation with a marketing agency, we implement „go to market” strategies.

General contracting


At the client’s request, we coordinate teams of subcontractors. We take responsibility for the quality, timeliness and completeness of the performance as well as the warranty.