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2 May 2022
Autor: Administrator
Quality refrigeration – what is it?

  You sell fruit by truck, produce millions of plastic buckets or vaccines. You are an expert in your field. You are expanding the company. You erect a new building, equip it with all installations, set production paths, organize the incorporation of a new production, commercial or logistics facility into the living tissue of an […]

7 April 2022
Autor: Administrator
Chillers for the simultaneous production of hot and cold water for the pharmaceutical industry – an article for the Świat Przemysłu magazine

  In the pharmaceutical industry, a very wide temperature range is used in production processes. We are talking about temperatures from the cryogenic level, i.e. – 196 ° C for liquid nitrogen, up to high temperatures for pasteurization or sterilization. Moreover, these temperatures are often used simultaneously in the production of the same products, but […]

14 March 2022
Autor: Administrator
Column for Ch & K magazine: Imagination, future and ecology

  Imagine a 1000 m2 refrigerated logistics center. The required cooling capacity of such a typical facility will be around 250 kW. As a result of leaks and energy consumption, the F-gas installation will emit an annual average of 550 tons of CO2 to the environment, and the one on R744 – by 280 tons […]

15 February 2022
Autor: Administrator
Column for Ch & K – Energy-efficient refrigeration or – NOTHING?

  There are nuclear power plants in France, transmission is limited in Scandinavia, there is little wind in the Atlantic, Germany is short of gas, and Poland is short of coal. Energy market analysts have been predicting the current situation for at least several years. We are talking about electricity shortages and the resulting astronomical […]

5 February 2022
Autor: Administrator
How much does it cost to cool a plastic brush? – article for Plast Echo

  Another article on energy-efficient cooling was published in the February issue of our favorite magazine for the plastics processing industry – PLASTECHO. Full text and audio version below. Winking at my lecturers from Kozminski University, I answer: “It depends.” It depends on what cooling it requires, how much the finished product weighs, in what […]