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2 August 2022
Autor: Administrator
Column for Ch & K Magazine: “Time for evaluation”

  When I look back, I can see that most of the columns in our department have been devoted to new technologies – all new products that appear successively in our industry “menu”. So now it’s time for a flashback. R744 refrigeration does not exist today and some technical solutions, acceptable in the past, should […]

24 May 2022
Autor: Administrator
Artificial intelligence in Digitel controllers

    Artificial Intelligence, i.e. learning protocols, have an obvious and large potential for use in the optimization of various types of systems. The control manufacturer DIGITEL was one of the first – and probably the first to introduce artificial intelligence to find and precisely determine points of excessive energy consumption in refrigeration systems. The […]

21 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
Food logistics – too much energy bills? Future trends that need to be implemented today

  Listen to the whole thing below. As I mentioned in previous columns, the very fact of moving away from F-gases and switching to CO2 is a technological revolution. A revolution that allows you to save from 20 to over 50% of the electricity used by refrigeration. However, this is not the end. The drastic […]

18 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
Food logistics – too much energy bills? Optimization of F-gas systems

Listen to the content. It is natural that in the case of the construction of a new facility, the Investor, the Client and the designer are working on an open card that can be filled in with any refrigeration installation. Most refrigeration installations, however, are not new and were created at a time when r744 […]

17 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
Food logistics – too much energy bills? General principles of designing refrigeration systems in logistics

Listen to the full content below Industrial refrigeration systems are a typical example of form serving function. Typically, the entire facility is architecturally designed so that the flow of goods is optimal. That is, only in one direction while maintaining the refrigeration sequence. As a refrigeration expert, I focus on temperatures and not on ISO, […]

11 January 2022
Autor: Administrator
The “late adopters” trap and energy savings

  Electricity (and gas) prices are reaching historically unprecedented levels. You can read about it in BusinessInsider, but also in most of the business press. They are often so high that in some industries there is doubt as to the profitability of further operations. This is particularly visible in manufacturing industries – high-energy industries such […]